Longevity Set


13 Half-Half Ang Ku Kueh
Ang Ku Kueh symbolizes longevity.

CNY 拜天公供品 Only Available For 28ᵗʰ & 29ᵗʰ January

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This year, are you praying with 12 or 13 kuehs? You should use one kueh for every month of the year. Because 2023 is a leap year, 13 kuehs is the right answer.
Ang Ee, Ang Ku Kueh & Money Kueh are used to pray to the Sky God, and each item has a significance.
Ang Ee (红丸) for Fertility, Ang Ku Kueh (红龟粿) for longevity, and Money Kueh (钱粿) for prosperity.
Get our Longevity set consisting of 13 Ang Ku Kueh (红龟粿).
Get our Heng Ong Huat (HOH) Traditional Set this year and get the complete 13x blessings in 2023!


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