Baby Full Month Celebration

Celebrate your baby’s arrival with beautifully put together 满月礼盒 (Full Month Packages) packed with traditional Chinese goodies.

This thoughtful gift set comes packed with (Red Tortoise Cake) ang ku kueh (For Girls) or ang ee (For Boys), from the traditional classic red or vibrant rainbow, two festive red eggs, a hearty helping of glutinous rice, and a nutritious Nut bar.

baby full month celebration gift sets
Online Orders of Full Month Celebration Gift Sets Requires a Minimum of 10.
For orders less than 10, or further customization kindly whatsapp us.
Welcoming a new baby into the world is a special moment that calls for celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with a baby full month party? This tradition marks the baby’s first of many milestones and is a day new parents often look forward to. Not only does it symbolize the end of mum’s confinement, but it’s also a chance to share good luck and fortune with family and friends.

In Chinese customs, the Red Eggs and Ang Ku Kuehs are essential items to have at the party. Dyed red eggs bring good luck and fortune, while Ang Ku Kuehs (also known as tortoise cakes) represent longevity – perfect for a baby’s first milestone! And if you’re wondering, a pointed Red Tortoise Cake (Ang Ee) represents a baby boy, while a ang ku kueh is for a baby girl.

We understand that planning a baby full month party can be challenging, especially if you’re also juggling confinement. That’s why we’ve got it all covered for you!