Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Enquiries

Are Your Products Vegetarian?
Our Ang Ku Kuehs are vegetarian and don’t contain honey, eggs and butter. Our Ang Ku Kuehs also have no pork and no lard. Please note that our salted bean Ang Ku Kueh contains fried shallots (onions) which are not suitable for some.
How long can Ang Ku Kueh be kept?
Our ang ku kueh handmade from scratch daily at our store with no preservatives added are best enjoyed on the same day of purchase. They are also still good for next day consumption and does not require refrigeration.
Does Ang Ku Kueh need to be refrigerated?
If you plan to eat more than a day later kuehs must be kept in the fridge immediately upon purchase. Kuehs kept in the fridge will last for 2 to 3 days.
How do you reheat refrigerated ang ku kueh?
Before eating, steam gently for 3 minutes and do not over-steam. For a unique twist, some like it pan fried with a little bit of cooking oil. Giving the skin an extra crispy texture. Whatever the case, do not microwave them as they will dry out.
How do I PayNow from a mobile browser?

❶ On your mobile phone, take a screenshot of the QR code, then log into your bank app. ❷ In your bank app, select the “Scan and Pay” function and upload the screenshot. ❸ Confirm the purchase using your bank app. ❹ You will receive an email with your order number for your purchase.

Bugis Village

Flagship Store 235 Victoria 188027

What is the minimum order size for delivery and self-collection?
There is a minimum order of $28.

Please note that baby full month sets sold online are for 10 sets and above and sold at discounted prices For orders of less than 10 sets, please WhatsApp (9888 8500) to order.

Do you sell to Group Buys / Vendors / Large Events?
All are welcome. You can request for your Kuehs to be packed in combination as long as you have at least 5 pcs in each combination.
We provide free delivery for orders above $188.
Check out our Group Buy Page for more information
Do you do delivery? / have Free Delivery? / Deliver to Multiple Locations?
Free Delivery – To one location for orders $188 and above.

Multiple address delivery $100 for first 10 locations or less. Subsequent location above 10 an additional $10.
Whatsapp (9888 8500) to enquire

Delivery is a flat fee of $22.

Do I have to queue to collect my preorders?
For preorders, kindly approach our counter staff with your order number. All preorders are already pre-packed to be collected at the time of your choosing.
What is The Cutoff Time For Next Day Orders?
Our Pre Order cut off time for next day delivery or self collection is at 3.00pm.
Could I pick my orders from one of you pushcarts?
Yes you could self pickup from these places from our pushcart / kiosk.

View the list of our pushcart / kiosk for easy pickup.
Click Here For more information on our pushcarts,

Further Enquiries
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Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh was first opened in 1988 by husband and wife,
Mr. Toh Poh Seek and Mdm. Toh Bong Yeo at 1 Everton Park, dreaming of selling one million Ang Ku Kuehs.
Today, Mr. and Mrs Toh have long surpassed their dream and Everton Park now sees thousands of customers daily.
Despite the popularity, Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh still makes each and every one of our delicious Kuehs by hand, with lots of love, for you to enjoy.
In 2021, Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh launched a new flagship store at 235 Victoria Street, helmed personally by Mr Toh's younger son, Mr. Kelvin Toh.
Just like the thin skin of our Kuehs, we continue to humbly bring the same goodness with the biggest feelings for you in a brand new location.

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