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Bugis Villageorders@jixiangconfectionery.com.sg
Everton Park 9270 0510
How do I collect my orders?
Your orders will be ready for pickup at the designated time you’ve indicated. Just kindly quote your Order number and your mobile number.
Are Your Ang Ku Kuehs Halal?
We do not have Halal certification.
Our products are vegetarian, no honey, eggs, butter. Just note that we add fried shallots (onions) in our salted bean Ang Ku Kueh.
Do I need to put the Ang Ku Kuehs in the refrigerator when I get home ?
Our Ang Ku Kuehs are freshly made on the day of your purchase.
If you intend to eat them on the very next day’s morning, you can leave it in room temperature.
If not, we do recommend you to put them in the refrigerator as our Kuehs do not contain any preservatives.
How do I heat up the Ang Ku Kuehs ?
Please do not put the lovely Ang Ku Kuehs into the microwave.
To heat up, steam them for 1-2 mins.
Alternatively, some may like it pan-fried with a little bit of cooking oil to give it a crispy texture.
Do you do delivery ?
We do delivery! Pls note delivery timing is from 1pm to 5pm.
With a min purchase of 50 pieces, a delivery charge of 10 to 20 dollars will be charged depending on your location.
Delivery charge will be waived if you purchase 150 to 300 pieces depending on your location.
Please give us a call @ 62231631 for a quote from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday .
Further Enquiries

Ji Xiang Confectionery started its business from a kitchen in a HDB flat.
This family run business started out selling only two flavours, peanut and sweet bean paste, to provision shops an hawker around the neighbourhood.
Their hand made Ang ku kung soon garnered them a loyal following, which led to the setup of their space at Everton Park in 1988.
Since then, JIxiang Confectionery (吉祥食品, ‘吉’ ‘meaning Luck and ‘祥’ meaning prosperity) has been a mainstay at Block 1 Everton Park and commonly known to customers as Everton Park Ang ku kueh