Do I need to put the Ang Ku Kuehs in the refrigerator when I get home ?

Our Ang Ku Kuehs are freshly made on the day of your purchase.
If you intend to eat them on the very next day’s morning, you can leave it in room temperature.
If not, we do recommend you to put them in the refrigerator as our Kuehs do not contain any preservatives.

How do I heat up the Ang Ku Kuehs ?

Please do not put the lovely Ang Ku Kuehs into the microwave.
To heat up, steam them for 1-2 mins.
Alternatively, some may like it pan-fried with a little bit of cooking oil to give it a crispy texture.

Do you do delivery ?

Yes, we do but it is dependent on the location and the amount of order.
Do call us at +65 6223 1631 for further details.
Alternatively, you may order online and shipping cost would be reflected on checkout.

Further Enquiries