Group or Large Quantity Ordering

*Min order of 50pcs of Ang Ku kueh or Min order of 10pcs of Ang Ee

  • peanut

    Peanut 花生$0.80

  • Sweet Bean 豆沙

    Sweet Bean 豆沙$0.80

  • Salted Bean

    Salted Bean 咸豆沙$0.80

  • Corn 玉米

    Corn 玉米$0.80

  • Coconut 椰子

    Coconut 椰子$0.80

  • Yam 芋头

    Yam 芋头$0.90

  • Durian 榴莲 Seasonal

    Durian 榴莲 Seasonal$1.60

  • ang ee

    Ang Ee (Sweet Bean)$1.00

  • ang ee

    Ang Ee (Peanut)$1.00

Name Peanut 花生
Sweet Bean 豆沙
Salted Bean 咸豆沙
Corn 玉米
Coconut 椰子
Yam 芋头
Durian 榴莲 Seasonal
Ang Ee (Sweet Bean)
Ang Ee (Peanut)
$0.00 Update   /  

Delivery time is 2 days later. i.e if you ordered on Monday, we will send on Wednesday or later depending on which date for delivery in the checkout

Delivery timing is 1pm – 5pm Or you can choose to Self-Pickup at the shop

Maximum days of order is 40 days in advance. If requires more than 40 days, please call in and enquire.

Minimum order product is 10 (any mixture of flavours) quantity for self pick up, 50 (any mixture of flavours) quantity for delivery.

For Customize / List Packaging Please input a Different Name For Each Row

Due to overwhelming orders, we are unable to provide delivery services and Online pre-ordering on Weekends. Thank you for your kind understanding.

For more information you could call us at 6223 1631